New Business, Better Business

Rent, rubbish, ASB – what are the main problems facing businesses in our East Shoreditch area?


Business-owners and managers are invited to come to a special breakfast meeting on Friday 7th August, in Counter Albion on Redchurch Street, from 8 to 9am.

Feedback will be incorporated into the next big consultation event around the draft Neighbourhood Plan at Rochelle School on Sunday
October 11th. Games for children, bouncy castle. All very welcome. Watch this space for details.

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Forward, Planning !

The Neighbourhood Planning committee met recently, courtesy of the new Counter Albion cafe, for our second discussion about the draft plan. We’re thinking about the things you told us that you don’t like in the neighbourhood and working out how Council planners can make improvements when they make their planning decisions. We’d love to beautify all those derelict corners of our part of Weavers ward that you pointed out, and make the area more people-friendly (less traffic and fewer fumes).

Our first theme – ‘Public Realm and Open Spaces’ will hopefully deliver some of those ideas.

Our first discussion about the draft plan mainly focussed on how to turn ideas into planning policy. We’ve had great support from our consultant (courtesy: Planning Aid for England) and a past member of the Tower Hamlets planning team who knows how it all comes together.
Rochelle School kindly hosted that meeting so we got to try some canteen food. An added bonus in working towards a Neighbourdood Plan is that we get to try all the local cafes and meeting places.
As a side-activity, we also took part in an exercise to test the quality of the air in our area, under the guidance of the London Sustainability Exchange.. This involved a bit of daring, finding places to attach a test tube that would record the amount of pollution. Pictured is Rebecca, investigating Redchurch Street. The level of pollution there turned out to be only just below the approved EU level.

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Finding the vision

About fifty people turned up last Sunday to the Vision Day for the Neighbourhood Plan. Over a full day of talks and workshops, we added new ideas to the labels that we’d already gathered for the Carpet of Wishes – around 200 suggestions were pinned up round the walls of St Hilda’s East Community Centre. A special contingent of younger residents drew their ideas for a better Shoreditch.

We learned about the stats in a profile of the area – where the greatest needs are – and we had a broad-arching presentation that pinpointed the problems and possibilities. Read them both below.

You can get a flavour of the event through the video, follow the debate on this site and continue to feed your ideas in.

East Shoreditch Forum – Vision Day from Alejandro Negueruela on Vimeo.

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The Vision

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More Chalk and Talk, and Getting Down to It

We’ve been on another Talk and Chalk mission today – this time visiting our friends and small businesses based at Rich Mix.
Rich Mix Oct 14-68
You can see the full photo set at our Face book page
Meanwhile, people at St Hilda’s East Community Centre and in the parents’ coffee morning at Virginia Primary School have been adding their wishes to the big Weavers map.
St Hilda's-20141022-01114
Come and read the wishes and add your own on Sunday Novemeber 2nd, at St Hilda’s East Community Centre – drop-in, between 10.30am and 4.30pm
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East Shoreditch neighbourhood team have been on a ‘Talk & Chalk’ mission, asking local businesses what improvements they would like to see. We invited shops on Redchurch Street to share their ‘Three Best Ideas for the Area’. We got a fantastically enthusiastic response and lots of great ideas to work into the Neighbourhood Plan.
Here’s a few examples of what they¬†had to say:
- Pedestrianise Redchurch Street
- Or create a ‘shared surface’, where people are not less important than cars
- Let’s develop the village-y feeling
- Co-ordinate rubbish collections, so umpteen trucks don’t come and go
- Graffiti watch, to stop acid-etching of shop windows
Here’s a few of our neighbours, all looking pleased with their big ideas….
.aesop201409 Boards-murdock201409 burroesalvia201409 sunspel201409 T2201409
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