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Make It Happen !

What do we want for our area, East Shoreditch – grime or beauty? Polluted streets or green spaces? Over-stretched facilities or opportunities for young people?

Sunday October 11th is the chance to make your voice heard !

The East Shoreditch Neighbourhood Planning Forum is organising a community Fun Day at Rochelle School that aims to have something for everyone -

* clear explanation of the proposals the ESNPF has put together for the final Plan, after a year of consultation. (Bengali-Sylheti translators available if necessary.)
* raffle with fabulous prizes
* BBQ, bouncy castle and facepainting
* display of the game Boccia by St Hilda’s elders – and maybe an invitation to join in
* three crates of Lego for younger people to build models of their perfect houses
* Bubbles galore….!

Read the details of the 6 main proposals in the Comment Sheet attached, and if you can download and bring it with your own comments, get a ticket for free BBQ and Raffle.

Rochelle School, Arnold Circus/Club Row E2 7ES 11 – 4pm Sunday October 11th

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Finding the vision

About fifty people turned up last Sunday to the Vision Day for the Neighbourhood Plan. Over a full day of talks and workshops, we added new ideas to the labels that we’d already gathered for the Carpet of Wishes – around 200 suggestions were pinned up round the walls of St Hilda’s East Community Centre. A special contingent of younger residents drew their ideas for a better Shoreditch.

We learned about the stats in a profile of the area – where the greatest needs are – and we had a broad-arching presentation that pinpointed the problems and possibilities. Read them both below.

You can get a flavour of the event through the video, follow the debate on this site and continue to feed your ideas in.

East Shoreditch Forum – Vision Day from Alejandro Negueruela on Vimeo.

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The Vision

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More Chalk and Talk, and Getting Down to It

We’ve been on another Talk and Chalk mission today – this time visiting our friends and small businesses based at Rich Mix.
Rich Mix Oct 14-68
You can see the full photo set at our Face book page
Meanwhile, people at St Hilda’s East Community Centre and in the parents’ coffee morning at Virginia Primary School have been adding their wishes to the big Weavers map.
St Hilda's-20141022-01114
Come and read the wishes and add your own on Sunday Novemeber 2nd, at St Hilda’s East Community Centre – drop-in, between 10.30am and 4.30pm
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Finding a Common Vision

We’ve been collecting ‘Wishes’  -  what people think about the area and how East Shoreditch could be a pleasanter and more efficient place in which to live and to work.

On Sunday Nov 2nd, we are going to bring all ideas together in a drop-in community day, and shape them further. Come and hear what people have thought so far,  and put in your own ideas. Together we will aim to make a larger Carpet of Wishes.

 Vision flyer Workshop.

There’ll be a short formal Annual General Meeting at 10.30am with a report of actions so far. After that we’ll look at and discuss the ideas that have come up, and have a chance to hear about other visions too, over locally-sourced food at lunchtime.  By 4pm,  with everyone’s help. we believe we’ll have an outline agreement on the next step for our Neighbourhood Plan.

Vision 5flyer Workshop.


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Starting a Carpet of Wishes

Making a carpet of wishes

Make A Wish….

What is your wish for our area of East Shoreditch? This might look like a large piece of sacking, but over the next few weeks it is going to grow into a carpet made up of colour-coded woven wishes. At the first Making Day on August 1st, we created 900 labels and Rebecca, helped by Will (above) sewed together yards of hessian as the base for the future Carpet of Wishes.

On Sunday August 10th, we’ll be carrying on with preparing our “tools”, and then going out to use them -  asking people to think about their Wish for East Shoreditch, and to write it on a customised label. If you’d like to join us, come to “The Hut” on the Gascoigne Estate, E2 7LX.

There’ll be plenty of other ways over the weeks to input. Look out for boards that will appear in strategic places for Post-It notes, and blackboards to write on in others. And of course, respond to this website and the Facebook page.

And walk the Trail

Are there enough green spaces in East Shoreditch, or in Weavers ward at large? Discover the hidden places as well as the more known ones like Arnold Circus.  Saturday August 9th sees the launch of the Weavers Green Trail, when Tower Hamlets’ Mayor and Britain’s women’s kick-boxing champion will come to Arnold Circus to endorse it.

Green Trail Poster

People can  sample it in a number of ways – by following one of the Trail volunteer guides at the Launch,  by keying in into their smart phone or iPad, or by just going out with the hand-drawn map.  The “passport” handed out on August 9th can be stamped at seven different “pit stops” run by different local organisations along the route and turns into a ticket for a Magic Show at the end.



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How Would You Spend £10,000 Here?

Tower Hamlets’ new community scheme allocates £10,000 to each ward. Local people will choose how it should be spent. Should it be on more greening? Better cycle paths? Play areas? Ways of dealing with dog waste?

Ways of dealing with dog waste

A Weavers Ward forum to allocate the grant will meet on Tuesday December 10th at 6.30, St Peter’s Mission Hall, 56 Warner Place, London E2 7AE.

Our Neighbourhood Forum is located in Weavers Ward.

People who come to this first meeting will decide the first priorities that will be worked up for meeting number two, and how and where to allocate these funds.

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Living and working inside the red line

A poster showing a map of the neighbourhood

We’ve spent the past weeks pounding the pavements, letting local people and businesses know about our plans so far. With the AGM and our first consultation event around the corner, it’s been important to generate local interest in the benefits of developing a neighbourhood plan.

Asking people ‘do you live or work inside the red line?’, we’ve printed 100s of posters and flyers that mark out the proposed boundaries for the plan. We’ve been asking people: what does it mean; how can it work; and why get involved?
We’re excited to hear your views at the consultation event!

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    More vacant plots turned over to urban gardening!

    Armand, resident

    I’d like more green spaces, more places to relax

    Will, resident

    I’d like to see more community growing spaces

    Helen, works in the area
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